Decatur Sculpture Tour

2017 - 2018 Best of Show

Genesis by Nathaniel S. Pierce

‘Genesis’, Nathaniel S. Pierce 2017-2018 Decatur Sculpture Tour (DST) Best of Show Award.

“Genesis is the beginning of the formation of something new. With all growth and change comes a new life. As your eyes follow the curves and lines of this form, and it starts to remind you of something familiar, remember … this is something new.”

The Best of Show award is one of the highest-ranking recognitions as it is determined by their peers.

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2017 Sculpture Tour Map

2017 - 2018 Sculpture Tour Map

2017 - 2018 brochures and map cards can be found in the Decatur Sculpture Tour cases at the courthouse square and next to Founders Park They are also available at the Adams Public Library System, at City Hall, the Decatur Chamber office, and at the Adams County Community Foundation.

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Walking Tour

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2017 - 2018 People's Choice

People's Choice - Bear, Lee, Standing by Gary Hovey

‘Bear, Lee Standing’, Gary Hovey, New Knoxville, OH, 2017-2018 Decatur Sculpture Tour (DST) ‘People’s Choice’ Award.

"Although he looks ferocious, Lee loves to laugh. Meeting Lee in the woods would be a grizzly experience. He is a bear headed and bear foot, goes everywhere by bear back, and his favorite pastry is bear claws. There are as many bear puns as there are utensils in this piece. Make some of your own if you can. Grin and bear it … "

2017 - 2018 Sponsor's Choice

Local Sculptor, Greg Mendez received Key to the City

‘Daphne’, by artist: Greg Mendez, Fort Wayne, IN, 2017-2018 Decatur Sculpture Tour (DST) Sponsors’ Award.

"In Greek mythology, Daphne, was transformed into a laurel tree to keep her safe from Apollo."

Key to the City

Local Sculptor, Greg Mendez received Key to the City

Greg Mendez receives Key to the City from Mayor Kenneth L. Meyer

Local Sculptor Gregory Mendez is presented with a Key to the City for his efforts to spear head the Sculpture Tour. Congratulations Greg!

2017-2018 DST Committee Award

Dunes by Dale Lewis

‘Dunes’, by artist: Dale Lewis, Hastings, MN, 2017-2018 Decatur Sculpture Tour (DST) ‘DST Committee’ Award.

“Pretty much all my friends can claim a piece of this.”

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Riverside Sculpture Park

Mayor Kenneth Myer and 2017 - 2018 Artists and DST Members officially open the Riverside Center Sculpture Park.

2017-2018 Mayor's Choice

Hey, Mary Lou! by Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

‘Hey, Mary Lou!’, Artists: Lee Leuning, Sherri Treeby, Aberdeen, SD were recently notified for this recognition, the 2017-2018 Decatur Sculpture Tour (DST) ‘Mayor’s Choice’ Award.

“Our 3rd string hero is galloping down the side line, his first moment of glory, when he turns to wave at cheerleader Mary Lou. He is not aware that he is about to be sent to the second row bleachers. Sculpture is about ups and down of growing up.”

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Artistic Heritage

Seals by Ralph Hurst C.1986. Dedicated in memory of Arthur Hurst, located at APLS Decatur.

Experience Decatur’s rich heritage as the birthplace and boyhood home of David Smith, widely heralded as the greatest American sculptor of the 20th century.

Decatur is also the hometown of preeminent American sculptor Ralph Hurst. Two of his works are on permanent display in Decatur’s Adams Public Library, and one at the Adams County Museum.

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