Edward Sculte, architect



St. Mary of the Assumption - 1954

Architectural sculpture on the church facade includes a full-length figure of Mary, and two relief panels. Mary is placed above church entrance canopy, depicted as an ascending figure, hands clasped in prayer. She wears a head covering, layered garments and sandals. A round window forms a halo around her head.

Beneath the entrance canopy are two relief panels. The right panel depicts the Annunciation. A kneeling angel, in proper right profile, faces Mary who is standing. There is a lily stem in the upper right corner of the panel and a dove in the upper left corner. The left relief panel may depict the Magnificat, where Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, meets Mary. Both figures extend their hands to each other in greeting.

In the upper right corner of the left relief is a lamb. In the lower left corner is a Chi-rho monogram. Edward Sculte, architect; Fagan Stone Company, fabricator.

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