Matt Miller

Matt began his education with the intent to become an architect but soon realized he loved the building process even more than the design. He said, “I had worked in construction for many years, you think I would have realized this a little sooner.” He changed his major to art education with a minor in architectural design and found his direction in life.

Teaching now for several years, Matt enjoys the constant connection with art. He can be found in his classroom teaching art as well as creating. “I think for me to be a successful art teacher, I must first be an artist.” He continues to educate beyond the walls of his room, in other classes and the community.

Artist's Website

Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Social Fabric - 2019

It seems like we all think we know what makes us "tick". But if we sit back and listen, we begin to realize that the daily clicks of our rhythmic relationships are who we really are in this life.

Tricky Situation - 2018

To figure out which side of the grass is truly greener, one must first grasp what green really is...

Flight - 2017

Daily Grind - 2015

Establishing the Unknown - 2014

Turn of Events - 2014

Undetermined Impact - 2013

No Easy Fix - 2013

Wanting to be a Statistic - 2013

Escape - 2012

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