Matt Moyer

Matt Moyer earned a BFA in Ceramics with a minor in Graphic Design from Illinois State University. Between undergraduate and graduate school, he served as an Artist in Residence at the Herbert Hoover National Historical site in West Branch, Iowa as part of the National Park Service Artist in Residence Program. He earned an MFA in Ceramics with a minor in Sculpture from the University of Missouri. While at the University of Missouri, he traveled abroad and serves as Artist in Residence at The Tainan National University of the Arts where he worked and exhibited for six months.

Matt Moyer's creative research takes him in several different directions at any given time; ranging from functional pottery to mixed media ceramic sculpture and large outdoor welded steel installations. All his work is firmly rooted within traditional craft as it pertains to both art and skilled trades, and all facets of his creative work have a decidedly industrial sensibility. This stems from his blue-collar upbringing in Moline, Illinois.

Matt Moyer has taught at several colleges and universities in Missouri, but now maintains his active ceramics and sculpture studio at his home in Columbia, Missouri.

Columbia, MO


Stalk 1005/2RE/H400-4 - 2023

Stalk 1005/2RE/H400-4 is a continuation of an existing series of works that explore chance encounters with the many forgotten industrial relics that dot our nation’s rural landscape. Created of both fabricated and found objects, Stalk 1005/2RE/H400-4 explores the industrialization of our food, crops and the land from which they grow.

H-Pump - 2022

H-Pump is a fictitious interpretation of the often overlooked but vital pumps that hide throughout our contemporary landscape.  I am particularly intrigued with water pumps, water filtration and the transport of water throughout our landscape.  H-Pump explores the idea of pumping water out of an unknown reservoir or aquifer from beneath a sidewalk, street, or park.  The sculpture is imbedded with rich surfaces of paint and patina that would normally be hidden away in mechanical rooms or factories but is brought to the forefront to express the inevitable passage of time.

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